Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Soul Men

There seems to be no escaping from the jinx that casts its dark shadows over the month of August. It has already ticked off two great performing artistes of our time in the space of one weekend, Bernie Mac on Saturday followed by Isaac Hayes on Sunday.

Bernie Mac, who was a member of the Original Kings of Comedy quartet, died of sarcoidosis, a lung complication due to pnuemonia.

Isaac ‘Black Moses’ Hayes who has been composing and performing Hot Buttered Soul music since 1967 died of stroke.

The two great men have recently been working alongside Samuel L. Jackson in a movie set to be released later this year.

Two Tough Guys have Walked on By. Soul Men.

(Pictures courtesy of Isaac Hayes' official website.)


collins Mbalo said...

We will miss Bernie for sure!

Mcheku said...

RIP Bernie.

Anonymous said...

Collins & Mcheku you dont know Hayes music? The day you land into his works you'll get hooked forever. Hayes shaped most of the sounds you here today. Remember that No diggyty by Blackstreet Boyz featuring dre? Dre sampled from hayes. This was a huge loss to Soul & RnB and comedy. It makes the movie a must watch